Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Noted Britney Spears fan, Kim Kardashian West, introduced the Glory star before her VMA performance on Sunday night when she took the stage and said, “For the past 17 years the MTV VMAs have watched the ride of the pop princess.” She reminisced about Spears’ iconic VMA moments: “We watched her strip out of a tuxedo and set the stage on fire. We watched her tame a snake — and watched her be very untamed with Madonna. Tonight we have the pleasure to see what she’ll do next.”

As the opening notes of recent single “Make Me” began playing, she added, “Making her triumphant return to the stage, it’s Britney , b—-!”

Spears then performed in a yellow sparkly jumpsuit and danced with G-Eazy, who also appears on the track.

Before the VMAs even began, Kardashian West revealed who she would introduce during the telecast when she tweeted, “And I see you guys guessing on who I am presenting. A little hint, it’s someone i [sic] am obsessed with!!!!”

Spears replied immediately, writing, “Can’t wait to see how hot you’re gonna look tonight! See you 10 seconds after.”