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Kate Mara has joined a sequel to the 2015 box office flop Fantastic Four… in spirit.

Speaking to IGN while promoting her new movie, the sci-fi thriller Morgan, the 33-year-old responded to a question about the potential for a continuation of Josh Trank’s critically-maligned Fantastic Four reboot, indicating interest in starring in the project if it were to happen.

“Oh yeah, I would love to be a part of Fantastic Four sequel, or whatever they may or may not have in store for us,” the actress, who played Sue Storm in the film, said. “I know all of the guys feel the same way. We love working with each other.”

Her costar, Miles Teller, recently revealed he, too, is interested in reprising his role of Mr. Fantastic.

“Yeah, for sure. I loved the cast, I loved the characters. I think it’s such an interesting dynamic. I love how much they really need to rely on each other,” Teller told JoBlo earlier in August. “This Avengers thing, they’ve kind of created their own Fantastic Four in a way, Marvel’s first family. Their powers can’t just exist on their own, you need Thor to do this, the Hulk to do his thing. So yeah, absolutely, I would do another one.”

Trank’s film cost around $120 million to produce, but grossed just under $168 million worldwide throughout its run. The film also received scathing reviews from fans and film journalists alike upon its release. Toby Kebbell, who played the villanous Doctor Doom in the film, recently spoke out against the cut Fox released to theaters last year, which was reportedly much different from the film Trank originally set out to make.

“I tell you, the honest truth is [Trank] did cut a great film that you’ll never see,” Kebbell revealed. “That is a shame. A much darker version, and you’ll never see it.”


“We would love to actually play these characters in another way somehow in the future. I have no idea if that’s actually true, if that will happen, but I would be really happy to do it.”

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