By Nick Maslow
Updated August 26, 2016 at 12:29 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

Stephen Colbert’s two guests on Thursday’s The Late Show both have a Washington, D.C. connection: While Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine is running for vice president, Tony Hale plays the assistant to a president on HBO’s hit Veep. Naturally, Colbert asked if Hale thought Kaine and his running mate, presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, could learn something from watching the satirical comedy series.

“Uh, don’t watch it,” Hale said of Veep, which follows Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character President Selina Meyer during her controversial stint at the White House after she navigates the vice presidency.

“No model in there?” asked Colbert.

“No, there’s not good models of politics on my show,” said Hale. “Funny, but not a good model.”

“Actually — it’s funny — I think it’s more about, actually, office politics,” he explained. “It’s like these people are kind of positioning themselves to get ahead, spinning stories to get them attention. You know, how close can you get to the popular kids so you can get popular?”

That’s when Colbert called the characters “terrible people,” prompting Hale to take it a step further and describe them as “atrocious.”

“Which is why it seems accurate to me,” said Colbert.

Watch Hale and Colbert’s chat about Veep in the video below.

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