By Nick Romano
August 26, 2016 at 03:20 PM EDT
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Director Josh Boone is re-teaming with the Fault In Our Stars screenwriters for his teenage mutant (not ninja turtles) superhero movie, New Mutants

EW has confirmed that Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber will contribute to the film, after Boone and Knate Gwaltney penned the initial story treatment. The duo are said to have joined the project months earlier. 

The film is based on the Marvel comics that featured a team of mutants too young to join the X-Men, but old enough to start training with their superhuman abilities. According to The Hollywood Reporter, which was the first to report the news of Neustadter and Weber’s involvement, characters Danielle Moonstar, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Cannonball, Magik, and Warlock will appear in the film. 

X-Men movie producer Simon Kinberg previously teased the young-adult genre vibe of New Mutants and some “familiar faces” to pop in. “It’s maybe not as different as Deadpool, but it has its own unique, original voice to it,” he said.

Fox has yet to announce a release date for New Mutants, but a few dates have been reserved for Marvel movies. 

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