The band talks about their 'Best New Artist' nom and which VMA performance they can't wait to see


EW caught up with Joe Jonas’ dance pop band DNCE after their performance on TODAY Friday morning, where band members Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee spoke about their upcoming album, crazy “Cake By the Ocean” stories, and the VMAs.

“It’s an upbeat album,” Jonas says of their upcoming full-length debut, out this fall. “It has a lot of songs that we were inspired by funk music.” Some songs will be more “emotional,” but Jonas promises they’ll bring fans to a “good place.”

By now, people are aware that “Cake By the Ocean” was inspired by a “misunderstanding” of the phrase “sex on the beach.” Whittle explains the funniest story to reach them so far. “We were walking through Times Square and a police officer ran up to us and was like, ‘Hey, hey let me show you this thing.’ I thought I was in trouble. He pulled out his phone and showed a video of him on his birthday on a speedboat like doing a selfie like holding a huge cake and he was like, ‘My daughter told me what it meant and I didn’t care.’ He loved the song. I think that’s kind of the experience we’ve had everywhere we go.”

As for the band’s VMA nomination for Best New Artist, Jonas found the nod a surprise saying, “We didn’t expect that. We’ve all been doing this for over 10 years so to be up for Best New Artist is kind of shocking, but it’s a honor,” before the band encourages fans to continue to vote.

Watch the full video interview above and check out our full-length interview with Jonas here.