By Sara Vilkomerson
August 26, 2016 at 09:21 PM EDT
Alcon Entertainment
  • Movie

A Hungarian construction worker was killed in an accident on the set of the untitled Blade Runner sequel, Alcon Entertainment confirmed on Friday. It occured while dismantling a set on the soundstage at Budapest’s Origo Studios. 

“The worker was underneath a platform, upon which the set was constructed, when it suddenly collapsed,” reads the official statement from the film’s production company. “The cause of the accident is not yet known.” 

The film was not shooting at Origo Studios at the time, the statement continued. 

The Blade Runner sequel — directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright — was not in production at Origo Studios at that time. 

The film is due to hit theaters in theaters in Oct. 2017.