Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix; HBO; Mary Ellen Matthews

A new mother is turning her infant daughter’s nap time into costumed play time. Photographer and new mom Laura Izumikawa has started dressing her 4-month-old daughter Joey up as different pop culture characters — from Jon Snow to Sia — whenever she goes down for a nap.

Just last week, the Los Angeles-based photographer dressed Joey in a blond wig, pink dress, and purple jacket, similar to the one Eleven wears in Stranger Things when the boys try to sneak her into their school. The look came together with two Eggo waffles placed in each hand and fake blood trickling from her nose.

“Couldn’t believe we already had the perfect pink dress and Eggos at home for this #eleven look!” she wrote in the caption of an adorable behind-the-scenes Instagram video of her dressing the very sleepy Joey in the costume. “Joey went down in record time today. 1 minute! Must be all that mind-fighting with the demogorgon.”

Izumikawa told The Huffington Post that she started doing this because she needed something to do while her daughter napped and thought it would be a fun way to keep track of her daughter’s growth and milestones. She thought she could get away with it because Joey is usually a deep sleeper.

“A couple times she’s woken up while I’m dressing her up, but she’ll just look at me a little dazed and then fall right back to sleep,” she said. “I really hope she’ll see the photos and videos in the future and have a good laugh. Hopefully she’ll see how loved she was.”

Izumikawa has also dressed her daughter as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Goku from Dragon Ball Z, and Sia, all of which you can see below: