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Last month, Logo announced it will be putting its rainbow-colored spin on The Bachelor with the new gay dating show Finding Prince Charming, and now we get our first look at the guys putting their hearts on the line.

The first trailer for the series, which you can watch below, introduces us to Robert, the show’s Prince Charming, and the 13 men who will compete for his heart. The trailer is packed with loving moments, some advice from host Lance Bass, and of course, a ton of drama.

Along with the trailer, Logo shared introduction interviews with Robert and the contestants, so we can get to know them before the show starts. Check out the run-down below the video, and start figuring out your favorites to win.

Finding Prince Charming premieres on Thursday, Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on Logo with a special 90-minute episode.

The Prince Charming: Robert

Robert Sepulveda Jr. is a 33-year-old interior designer from Atlanta, Georgia. He confesses that he doesn’t use dating apps or frequent bars, so he’s relying on Finding Prince Charming to meet his match. Robert confesses that he is very busy and travels often, so needs a partner who can understand that.

The Contestants


If Robert has a strong spiritual side, then he might just hit it off with Brandon. A licensed spiritual practitioner from Livonia, Michigan, Brandon enjoys discussing political and social issues, and is looking for someone with a similar level of self-awareness.


A personal trainer from Robert’s hometown of Atlanta, Brodney confesses that exercise is the one thing he can’t live without. But don’t write him off as a meathead — Brodney values honesty and loyalty above all else, and will stick with the man he loves through thick and thin as long as he isn’t dishonest.


A high-end real estate agent with a huge smile, Finding Prince Charming‘s Chad might just redeem the name that’s so recently been disgraced in the reality dating world. The New Yorker has a love for geography, culture, animals, and most of all, Grimm star David Giuntoli.


This “manny” (male nanny) from Wisconsin isn’t here to play games. Charlie admits that it takes him some time to fully open up, but his strong family values — he FaceTimes with his parents every day — might just win Robert over.


The second contestant from Robert’s hometown of Atlanta, Danique may turn into the class clown of the show, describing himself as goofy and fun-loving. He may work in a bank, but Danique confesses that his real passion is music.


As a fashion publicist with 20 years of ballet experience, Dillon might appeal to Robert’s artistic side. The New Orleans native hopes the show will remedy the string of bad dates he’s been on in the past several years, and confesses to being a picky eater who loves to cook.


Eric is a Los Angeles hairstylist who loves romantic dates. He cops to being very flirtatious, so he may be a contestant to watch out for.


Jasen may be the life of the party, but he’s also a self-described clean freak. The New York-based celebrity makeup artist is ready to graduate from dating apps to true love.


This silver-haired project manager seems to have it all as a young model who also runs marathons. The Portland native might just catch Robert’s eye, but will he be able to keep his attention?


A college event planner looking to settle down with the right guy, Nick says that he dreams of starting a family with children once he finds his match. One of his biggest passions is professional wrestling — he says he’d prefer to go to WrestleMania over a Beyoncé concert. The blasphemy!


Meet the show’s quintessential Southern gentleman, Paul. The Sunday school teacher is looking for love after having been engaged once before, confessing that it will be difficult for him to be vulnerable again.


Equipped with a sharp sense of humor and a bevy of colorful stories, Robby is sure to start a lot of conversation in the game. The on-air beauty expert always looks on the sunny side of things, but will he be able to keep Robert in good spirits?


Sam is a Chicago-based entrepreneur who founded his own fitness company and teaches in higher education as well. Behind all that drive, he confesses to being an introvert who is nervous about being vulnerable on the show.

Finding Prince Charming
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