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Warning: Spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of Mr. Robot are ahead.

Throughout season 2 of Mr. Robot, fsociety has camped out at the home of E Corp chief counsel Susan Jacobs (Sandrine Holt), but we only just learned about her involvement in Edward Alderson’s (Christian Slater) death. The Aug. 24 episode culminated in Darlene (Carly Chaikin) avenging her father with a stun gun, electrocuting Jacobs. Below, Chaikin relives the shocking scene.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When I heard you had a big episode coming up, I was afraid Darlene was going to die.

CARLY CHAIKIN: Oh my God, no! Don’t even put that out there. The whole cast is convinced we’re going to die. We always say to [creator] Sam Esmail, “For financial reasons, this is something we would need to know.”

When did you learn about Susan’s death?

Before the season started, Sam walked me through everything and said, “You’re going to kill someone.” I was like, “What? So I’m a murderer now?” And he said, “No, it’s not like that.”

How did you react?

As an actor, it was one of those scenes where the second I got home, it was all I wanted to work on. It makes so much sense — justifying what Darlene is doing and why. It’s a badass scene and my favorite I’ve ever done.

Does this change Darlene going forward?

I don’t think so. She wasn’t planning on killing Susan. But throughout Darlene’s life, this was the face of E Corp and someone she could target.

You took over EW’s Snapchat during commercial breaks and will again for the finale.

It was so fun — I wish I could have gotten more! I dabble in Snapchatting and look like a total a–hole most of the time, and I’m fine with it.

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