By Christian Holub
August 24, 2016 at 01:38 PM EDT

CBS’ political satire/zombie show BrainDead has plenty of absurdity to spare. In addition to depicting Washington, D.C., political operatives transformed into zombies, it has also parodied an Eyes Wide Shut sex scene with star Mary Elizabeth Winstead and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. Obviously, this is what James Corden asked Winstead about when she sat on his couch on The Late Late Show Tuesday night alongside Jason Derulo and Ben Schwartz. 

“He was such a good sport,” Winstead said. “We recreated this flashback scene from Eyes Wide Shut shot-for-shot, like the exact same blue-tinged lighting. So yeah Michael Moore showed up and was a big fan of the show and was super game. But I felt so bad. It’s not ever fun. You think it’s gonna be fun to shoot a sex scene, but it’s not. Two hours into it, and we’re both sweating. It was an experience.”

“Sounds pretty awesome,” Derulo said.

Watch the clip below.