During his appearance on Conan Tuesday night, Dev Hynes transformed his set into a poignant tribute to three recent murder victims: Philando Castile, a black man killed by Minnesota police in July; Hande Kader, a Turkish trans activist who was found mutilated and burned to death after she went missing earlier this month; and Terrence McCrary Jr., a young black man shot and killed at an art gallery in Oakland, California, last week.

Hynes, better known by his stage name of Blood Orange, sat centerstage at a white piano, prominently displaying black-and-white photos of the deceased. A pair of dancers backed him with shadowy choreography projected onto screens behind him.

Hynes performed a medley of “St. Augustine” and “Thank You,” both of which reference black men killed by police brutality. “Cry and birth my deafness / While Trayvon falls asleep,” he sings on “St. Augustine,” adding the line “Crying for Eric Garner and Philando Castile” to his live rendition of “Thank You.” The songs come from June’s Freetown Sound, an album he penned for “everyone told they’re not black enough, too black, too queer, not queer the right way,” according to his Instagram.

“Being attacked for your gender, race, sexuality—I live with those things daily,” Hynes told EW in June. “I think of this record as [being] fully aware of, ‘Yeah, my life is in danger on a daily basis,’ but using that as strength to rise up and stand tall and be proud of who you are and accept who you are.”

Watch Hynes’ Conan performance below, as well as the commemorative photo from the show he tweeted.