Plus: The pair pick the most feminist scene of season 2
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Every week, Another Period creators and stars Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome, who play spoiled socialite sisters Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt, take viewers behind the scenes and share insight into how they crafted each episode. Below, their thoughts on the finale of the comedy’s second season, “Lillian’s Dead.”

Lillian has just had the worst luck. After losing her fiancé to, well, death, she wanders into a bar in a drunken stupor for the first time in her life, hoping to find more booze after Beatrice has locked all of it away. It’s the third episode in a row Lillian’s been trapped in her now-ratty wedding dress.

NATASHA LEGGERO: Our amazing wardrobe designer Kate Crowley found that dress online. I think it was a quincenera dress, but it had a period shape to it, so she piled on jewels and fingerless gloves. It was actually so huge that I couldn’t wear it from the trailer to set so they would just have it sitting at set waiting for me and I would step into it right before they started shooting.

Disappointed in Lillian’s downward spiral, Beatrice heads to the bar to stop her — and winds up fighting her in a violent confrontation.

LEGGERO AND LINDHOME: Shooting fight scenes is always really fun. We had an amazing fight choreographer, Greg Fitzpatrick, who taught us how to do all the stunts. Both of us just love to go for it and make it seem as real as possible (while still being funny).

Their battle leaves Lillian seemingly dead, so Beatrice takes her sister to church, where she believes God will honor any prayer from a faithful servant.

LEGGERO: We shoot the show pretty quickly so I only had to play dead for a couple of hours. It was the most relaxing scene I’ve ever shot.

LINDHOME: It felt a little strange to film that yelling at God scene, to be honest. Even though I was just playing a character, it felt kind of intense. It was the last scene we shot at the end of the day, and we didn’t have much time to shoot so I had to just go for it… The hardest scene to write was the one with Beatrice in the church, for sure.

Credit: Comedy Central

Eventually, the smell of money brings Lillian back to life. In other good (?) news: Blanche is ready to give birth, and does so with the help of… no one. In fact, after being rejected by her husband, she does the deed herself, going so far as to chew apart the umbilical cord to finish delivery.

LINDHOME: When Natasha and I went to Senegal with Malaria No More, there was a village with a little hut where women would go to give birth alone. So, naturally, we thought of Blanche. And when we were talking about what that would entail, we realized she would have to cut the umbilical cord somehow.

Dodo ultimately wins everything — her gamble with the Abbey paid off after all the funds she had “donated” went back to the Abbey — while Peepers gets close to winning his dream of being with Dodo. He winds up serving as her butler all over again.

LEGGERO AND LINDHOME: We decided to give Dodo the happy ending (for now) because it feels like she’s been treated very unfairly by Commodore and Chair and is due to get her revenge. And we always want to keep Peepers’ dreams just out of reach, because it’s so much fun to watch Michael Ian Black play those scenarios. Besides, if Peepers ever truly did get Dodo to love him, his heart would stop.

The character with the worst luck, though, is Hortense, who reportedly dies in a car crash with her new husband shortly after leaving their wedding.

LEGGERO AND LINDHOME: Hortense is another one of those characters who can never truly win (for long). She is the smartest person in the house, the only one with any common sense, and the only one who sees things as they truly are, so, of course, she has to lose. If you want to see if Hortense is alive or dead, you have to wait for season 3! [Whether Chair returns] is also something you need to wait for season 3 to find out.

At the very end of the season, Harriet Tubman returns to declare Lillian and Beatrice the new faces of feminism — a message Leggero and Lindhome wanted to drive in through season 2.

LEGGERO AND LINDHOME: The scene where Beatrice destroys the bar with an axe is an homage to Carrie Nation. We always thought it was funny that Lillian and Beatrice were feminists without knowing it. No, they don’t want to vote or read, but they want that choice to be theirs. In fact, this season they both did a lot of feminist things: Lillian purchases a condom to have sex without getting pregnant, and Beatrice almost leaves Bellacourt to pursue a career in math.

And with a season 3 on the way, Leggero and Lindhome have big plans for what comes next at the Bellacourt manor… or not.

LEGGERO AND LINDHOME: We start writing in two weeks. Until then… vacation.

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