By Christian Holub
Updated August 23, 2016 at 12:23 PM EDT

Late-night shows have been off for the past few weeks so as not to conflict with coverage of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but as a result, hosts haven’t been able to participate in coverage of the more absurd stories, like Ryan Lochte’s fake robbery scandal. Stephen Colbert made up for it upon his return, however, in his very first skit back. The cold open to Monday night’s show spliced Colbert into the Matt Lauer role in Lochte’s Today interview.

Colbert used this to mock Lochte’s various answers about his story. For instance, he asked about how Lochte’s story changed from being robbed at gunpoint to negotiating settlement for property damages at a Rio gas station, and then played footage of the swimmer admitting to Lauer, “That didn’t happen. I exaggerated that part.”

“That part? Okay, here’s the thing: That part is really the whole part,” Colbert said. “Without a gun cocked to your forehead, it’s really just a story agout some guys urinating on a gas station. How could you get that so wrong?”

“I was intoxicated,” Lochte said.

Colbert then asked more questions, only to answer each one with Lochte saying “I was intoxicated.”

Watch the clip below.

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