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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

Most late-night shows took the last two weeks off in honor of the Olympics. Just in that time, Donald Trump called President Barack Obama the founder of ISIS, called for “Second Amendment people” to rise up against Hillary Clinton if she nominated judges they didn’t like, and totally remade his campaign team. Despite those flare-ups, many members of the media insist that Trump is about to “pivot” to the center. So when Seth Meyers roared back on Monday night with a new A Closer Look segment, he used it to examine Trump’s recent actions and ridicule the very idea of a Trump pivot.

“Republicans are complimenting him for being ‘mature,'” Meyers said. “They talk about their nominee the way people talk about a five-year-old wearing a suit at a wedding. ‘Well aren’t you a mature little gentleman!'”

For Meyers, the biggest argument that Trump will never pivot is his recent staff shake-ups. Paul Manafort, who suggested that Trump tone down his vicious rhetoric, has been replaced by former Breitbart editor Steve Bannon, with disgraced former Fox News chief Roger Ailes reportedly advising the candidate on the side (not to mention Fox News anchor Sean Hannity unabashedly advocating for Trump). In other words, the Trump campaign is now full of influential right-wing media figures, and it shows up in their approach — denying the validity of polls that show Clinton with a commanding lead, or making up conspiracy theories about her health.

‘Says who’ isn’t just a dumb Trump supporter’s response to a few polls, it’s the right’s reaction to everything, from climate change to unemployment numbers to health care,” Meyers said. “‘Says who’ is the product of decades of work by Ailes and others to dismiss facts that don’t align with their worldview.”

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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5
Late Night With Seth Meyers
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