Credit: Jefferson Siegel/NY Daily News via Getty Images

In case you haven’t seen enough of Robert Durst on cable television, Lifetime is developing a new film about the real estate mogul and alleged murderer.

The movie, which is still untitled, will be an adaptation of A Deadly Secret: The Strange Disappearance of Kathie Durst, the 2003 book written by investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck. The books was updated last year following the run of HBO’s The Jinx, and retitled A Deadly Secret: The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst. Birkbeck’s book chronicles the disappearances of numerous people connected to Durst throughout the years.

As opposed to HBO’s docuseries approach, Lifetime’s movie will tell Durst’s story through the eyes of his wife Kathie, who disappeared in 1982 and has never been found. The movie will be written by Bettina Gilois, who was nominated for an Emmy last year for penning the Queen Latifah-starrer Bessie.

This Robert Durst adaptation is the latest in Lifetime’s announcements to bring famous true-crime stories to the screen. Earlier this month, the network announced a movie about the murder of JonBenét Ramsey is coming in November.