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No doubt many a fan has imagined Norman Reedus prancing around in his birthday suit. But the cast and crew of The Walking Dead do not have to imagine such things, as they were treated to the real deal. That’s one of the nuggets of info uncovered on the new The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-ray + Digital HD set being released Aug. 23.

On the commentary track for the season premiere episode, “First Time Again,” executive producer Greg Nicotero reveals why the man who plays Daryl Dixon was caught with his pants down… literally. “Norman, this was the day that you ran up naked,” the EP tells Reedus on the commentary while watching a scene. Nicotero then explains how an alarm clock snafu led to the star changing clothes on the run: “Norman’s alarm didn’t go off and we put a [stunt] double in his wardrobe. And Norman refused and got to set, stripped his clothes off on his way to set, and got in the shot before we were ready.”

So there you have it. Just get yourself cast on The Walking Dead and sabotage Norman Reedus’ alarm clock and you too may be able to see such naked shenanigans with your own eyes. Here are some other enlightening nuggets of info from the DVD & Blu-ray sets:

• In the “First Time Again” commentary, the producers reveal how the balloons set up at check points of the Alexandrians’ quarry zombie expulsion plan actually line up to ROY G BIV, the colors of the rainbow. Although they only got up to showing the green one. (Poor, neglected Indigo, shunned again.)

• As we already uncovered and explained in greater detail, showrunner Scott M. Gimple reveals in the “Here’s Not Here” commentary that the original plan was for Morgan to be reunited with Rick and Co. in train car A at Terminus at the end of season 4, rather than much later at Alexandria.

• Gimple also says how a lot of the Eastman character who reformed Morgan was based on a chance meeting Gimple had with forensic psychologist Dr. Eric Fox on an airplane to Comic-Con in 2014. Gimple then wrote the bulk of the episode a year later at Comic-Con in 2015.

• On the commentary for “No Way Out,” Gimple relays a big difference between himself and comic creator Robert Kirkman. “We had a long talk about whether people are fundamentally good. And Robert and I still have that disagreement, which is that I do believe that people are fundamentally good. He does not.” Then Michael Cudlitz chimes in by opining that, “I would say that people do not fundamentally want to hurt other people. But that doesn’t mean they’re good.”

• There was originally footage in the “Not Tomorrow Yet” episode in which you see Rosita cleaning and manicuring the fake Gregory zombie heads (which Nicotero told me one of which is a head mold of him, and another of Johnny Depp).

• On “The Same Boat” commentary, episode writer Angela Kang explains that the character of Molly is based on a character mentioned (but never seen) in episode 105 of the comic, when someone mentions that a Savior named Molly still has a cough. Kang then created a TV Savior version of Molly with emphysema.

• Originally in “The Same Boat,” Rick was the one who informed Paula the Savior (Alicia Witt) that Maggie was pregnant, but Kang and Gimple liked a take where the Saviors act surprised when Carol mentions it, so they the cut the earlier Rick mention of the news.

• We already showed you a deleted scene that adds a bunch of new Glenn and Nicholas intrigue, but there is another one from “Thank You” where Glenn continues training Nicholas and tells him how “Two men I look up to told me that intentions matter. Forgiveness matters.” Could those two men be Hershel and Dale?

• Jeffrey Dean Morgan is really f—ing good at cursing. This is quite obvious from the alternate curse-heavy take of the season’s final scene, which is included on the Blu-ray set. It truly needs to be seen — and heard — to be believed.

Check out The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season for more behind-the-scenes intel when it is released on DVD and the Blu-ray + Digital HD sets on Aug. 23. And for more Walking Dead scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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