Credit: Pokémon

Now that Pokémon Go is a global phenomenon, every corner of the world has turned into a possible capture spot for a rare Pokémon. A recent Snorlax siting in Taipei, Taiwan caused a massive influx of players to dash through the streets in search of the rare creature.

According to the user who posted a video of the crowd to Facebook on Sunday, the participants in the catch ‘em all craze did wait for the walk signal to cross the street.

A similar event happened in July in New York City’s Central Park as thousands of trainers rushed to catch the water Pokémon Vaporeon. Currently Snorlax is deemed a “rare” catch in the Pokémon Go universe as he can only be seen in limited capacities in the wild or through a hatching of a 10-kilometer egg.

The massively popular mobile game encourages players to walk around and meet other players, but also has led to some accidents (like tripping, sunburn, and reckless driving) and controversy as some players have sought out Pokémon in inappropriate locales.

The game is currently ranked the No. 1 top-grossing iOS app.