August 22, 2016 at 11:52 PM EDT

It looks like the Colonel has another secret recipe — and this one is SPF-30.

KFC created a limited-edition Extra Crispy Sunscreen that will leave users smelling like fried chicken.

The fast-food chain’s commercial for the product features a mother drowning her son’s arm in white sunscreen, as the voiceover asks, “Are you tired of messy sunscreen? Sick of that awful lotion odor. Do you want to smell like fried chicken, but you’re just not hungry?” No? Well, KFC created the odorous sun deterrent anyway. “It works just like regular sunscreen, but it smells like fried chicken,” the voiceover explains.

The Extra Crispy Sunscreen was available for free via KFC’s website, but appears to be all gone. Hopefully the lucky few read the disclaimer indicating the product is not finger-lickin’ good. Colonel Sanders sums up the warning thusly: “Smells like chicken, tastes like sunscreen.”

See the ad above.

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