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August 22, 2016 at 04:34 PM EDT

Empire of the Sun

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Empire of the Sun announced their third album, Two Vines, due out Oct. 28, and the collection features some lauded musical guests including Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, Wendy Melvoin of Prince’s band the Revolution, and pianist Henry Hey and bassist Tim Lefebvre, both of whom performed on David Bowie’s Blackstar.

Co-produced by the band and Peter Mayes, Two Vines follows 2013’s Ice on the Dune. “We always saw Empire as a movie,” the band’s Nick Littlemore said in a release. “The whole concept was based around childhood fantasies; being in bed and staring at the posters on your wall, whether they were monster movies or outlandish rock stars or pieces of art. We always wanted to be one of those posters on a child’s wall that had so much imagination locked into it, a kind of invitation that pushes you over the edge into dream world. With this record, it’s time to take that next step.”

Back in 2014, Buckingham spoke about working with the duo and said they asked him to write with them out of the blue. “I went down there and it was two guys and these other people part of their support system,” Buckingham said in an interview with HuffPost. “It just blew my mind, the level of trust and community in the room. I said to them, ‘Geez, why couldn’t I have been in this band?'”

See the tracklist below.

1. Before

2. High and Low

3. Two Vines

4. Friends

5. There’s No Need

6. Way To Go

7. Ride

8. Digital Life

9. First Crush

10. ZZZ

11. To Her Door

12. Keystone

13. Lend Me Some Light

14. Welcome To My Life

15. Walking On A Dream (Manny Marroquin remix)<

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