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Blair Witch

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Don’t be surprised if the looks of terror on the faces of the actors in the new found footage horror sequel Blair Witch (out Sept. 16) seem particularly convincing. Taking a leaf from the book of 1999’s original supernatural tale and box office phenomenon The Blair Witch Project, there were times when director Adam Wingard (The GuestYou’re Next) attempted to genuinely scare the cast of his film, which stars James Allen McCune as the brother of Heather Donahue’s still-missing character from the first movie. 

“We played some tricks on them,” Wingard told EW earlier this year. “We had this guy sneak up on them during one of the takes wearing like a Bigfoot costume, which was pretty funny. [Laughs] You have to constantly find ways to make people seem authentically scared. I have a collection of these air horns that I would bring on set. I call them my ‘scare horns.’ [Laughs] They’re great. If you want a real reaction, it’s not good enough to just tell somebody to act surprised or even to smack two wood blocks together, which is what some people do. You’ve got to really make them jump. There’s nothing like a good air horn right behind an actor’s ear to make them jump and give you an appropriate scream when you need it!”

You can get some idea of whether or not Wingard’s devilish tricks worked in two new — and very different — Blair Witch trailers. See one above and the other below.

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