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If you’re a fan of America’s Next Top Model, you know the simple act of receiving a haircut can sometimes be a momentous, life-changing experience; Millie Bobby Brown, 12-year-old breakout star of Netflix’s Stranger Things thriller series, seemingly understands this better than anyone, as the child actor just shared a dramatic video chronicling the demise of her lengthy brunette locks.

“Here it is!! The video of me getting my hair shaved for #StrangerThings! Enjoy! #buzzed,” she tweeted alongside the video, which is set to the 2013 Beyoncé track “Pretty Hurts.”

Throughout the timelapsed clip, Brown’s hair goes from long and flowing to short and shaven, one of the defining physical characteristics of her character, Eleven, on the popular streaming program, which also stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour.

Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer told EW that Brown (and her parents) were hesitant about altering the actress’ look, fearing it might cost the young star other roles. The Duffers revealed it was actually Charlize Theron, however, who ultimately swayed their opinion on the matter.

“Mad Max: Fury Road was about to come out, so we pulled out a magazine photograph of Charlize Theron as Furiosa and showed it to Millie,” the brothers said. “[We asked] ‘Charlize looks totally badass, right?’ Millie agreed; Charlize looked badass. And that was it: She agreed to buzz it all off.”

They also detailed the experience of the cut itself.

“When the day of the haircut finally arrived, Millie’s mom brought out a camcorder, while her dad ran away with tears in his eyes, unable to watch. It was a pretty dramatic scene. But also very quick,” they explained. “Within 10 minutes we had shaved it all off and slapped a fake ’11’ tattoo on Millie’s wrist. Millie looked at herself in the mirror, gave her best Furiosa scream — and Eleven was born.”

Watch footage from Brown’s haircut in the video above.

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