Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

The long-standing strife between Barbra Streisand and Siri might finally be over. The celebrated singer said she called up Apple CEO Tim Cook to program the computerized assistant to pronounce her name correctly.

“She pronounces my name wrong,” Babs told NPR. “Streisand with a soft S, like sand on the beach. I’ve been saying this for my whole career. And so what did I do? I called the head of Apple, Tim Cook, and he delightfully agreed to have Siri change the pronunciation of my name, finally, with the next update on Sep. 30.”

She laughed, “So let’s see if that happens because I will be thrilled.”

Streisand is revving up for the end of her North American tour with a performance in Toronto while promoting her new album, Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway.