By Christian Holub
August 19, 2016 at 08:29 PM EDT

Full of uncountable twists and turns and sudden revelations, the 2016 presidential race has been crazier than almost any in modern memory. In such an atmosphere, it’s useful to fight fire with fire. Enter Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who previously used his razor-sharp tongue and ever-present cigar to cover the presidential primary contests for Hulu. Triumph (voiced and puppeteered by comedian Robert Smigel) has now released his follow-up Hulu special, Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016, a collection of his coverage from both parties’ conventions earlier this summer. Here are five of the best parts.

1. Confronting Sanders supporters

Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016 begins with a cold open featuring Triumph talking to Bernie Sanders supporters outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Triumph mostly seemed to think that these protestors were misguided to continue supporting Sanders even after the candidate himself endorsed Clinton, and posed them hilarious questions, including, “If you’re here, who’s writing your gender studies master’s thesis?” He also noted, “The only chance [Sanders] has to hear ‘four more years’ is from his doctor.”

2. Fake Roger Ailes run-in

Triumph met a lot of famous faces at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, but perhaps none of them are as notorious as former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. By following him around and saying “I’m with Roger Ailes,” Triumph was able to score VIP access and sit with him during Trump’s climactic acceptance speech. The only thing is, that wasn’t Ailes at all, but a lookalike Triumph brought into the conventions with him. That allowed the dog to make several sharp disses about the recent accusations of sexual assault against the real Ailes. For instance, when Triumph later brought his fake Ailes to the DNC, he had the doppelgänger pretend to ogle a Fox reporter so that Triumph could shout, “Just go with it, like every Fox reporter did for 20 years!”

3. Fake Trump commercials

In order to see how far Trump supporters would go to affirm things they thought their candidate said, Triumph’s team assembled a focus group in Cleveland and played them fake Trump ads. One fake commercial, for instance, combined a few contemporary debates (gender equality, gun control, transgender rights) and found fake Trump declaring he would put guns in all women’s restrooms. There was even an infographic showing how the guns would be stored in the bathroom mirror (and chained to the wall, so they couldn’t be used outside the bathroom). “Are there places where you can imagine this making sense?” Triumph’s moderator asked the support group. “Anywhere, nowadays,” one woman responded.


4. Dressed as Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Former Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz became a controversial figure over the course of the Democratic primary. She was widely seen as favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and eventually resigned from her DNC post after a leaked email scandal erupted. Naturally, Triumph dressed as her (complete with a blond wig made of noodles) and walked around the DNC declaring he was Wasserman Schultz. “Don’t stare at my hair! You’d have bad hair too if you were just thrown under a bus,” Triumph shouted.

5. Trump reaches out in a tank

Triumph ended the special by promising exclusive footage of Trump visiting minority communities in Cleveland. As with Ailes, Triumph once again used a lookalike for this famous figure — but this one was hidden. A fake Trump rolled down the street in a tank, shouting things like, “I love the Hispanics, I really do, and Latinos, I’ve employed those kind of people too,” and, “You know what my favorite movie is? Barbershop 2.” The jig is up, however, when Triumph’s Trump raises his hand to wave from inside the tank and observers notice that it doesn’t seem to be the right size. “This is an abomination for him to come into this community inside a tank and stick a fake-a– hand up,” one community member declared. As the Trump tank pulled away, it passed a white man riding a bicycle. “I applaud your bravery,” fake Trump said from inside the tank.

Triumph’s Summer Election Special is available to stream on Hulu.