By Evan Slead
August 19, 2016 at 08:36 PM EDT

A new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon reveals a vast array of unique Pokémon in the game’s Alola region, including more pre-evolutions, a possessed child’s toy, and a Rocky-inspired sea creature. 

The preview released on Friday, which you can see above, gives trainers additional insight into four new Pokémon in this latest generation of the Pokédex.

In the vein of Krabby and Clauncher, there’s a new crab Pokémon named Crabrawler, which is categorized as a Fighting type Pokémon and equipped with hefty blue claws that act as gloves. Alas, he’s not a Water type, but perhaps a new evolution could change that.

Sandygast and it’s evolved form Palossand may not be a welcomed taste of rare candy for the non-fans of inanimate object Pokémon (we’re looking at you Klefky). However, the new Ghost/Ground creature is a fearsome entity trapped in a sand castle, making it a bit more epic. Perhaps it will pack a surprising punch with its Water Compaction ability, which raises its defense stat by two when hit with other Water moves, proving these head-scratching concept Pokémon are actually the best (we’re looking again at you Klefky).

Last up is the adorable Stufful, the pre-evolved form of Bewear. This Normal/Fighting type Pokémon is one that hates being snuggled by trainers, despite its irresistibly huggable face. It also contains the Fuzzy ability like Bewear, which halves physical attack damage but doubles fire attack damage.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon hits shelves Nov. 18.