By Dalton Ross
Updated August 18, 2016 at 03:49 PM EDT
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Morgan was there at the very beginning of The Walking Dead. But the character then disappeared for awhile after the pilot episode, showing up for one episode in season 3 before making a few random appearances throughout season 5 and then joining the show full-time for the first time for season 6.

But according to a commentary track on the new The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-ray + Digital HD set (out Aug. 23), Lennie James’ character almost joined the show on a permanent basis earlier, and at a critical moment.

On a commentary for the “Here’s Not Here” episode, showrunner Scott M. Gimple reveals that there was a plan for Morgan to show up in dramatic fashion in the Terminus train car for the last shot of the season 4 finale. Allow Gimple to explain: “At the end of 416, Rick would say, ‘They’re screwing with the wrong people,’” explains Gimple, “and a gentleman would come out of the shadows of the train car and he would say, ‘Yeah, they are.’ And that would be Lennie, as Morgan. And it looked like it almost could have happened.”

“We almost made it happen,” James agrees on the commentary.

“Because it looked like a show that Lennie was on was ending,” continues Gimple. “The time was right. But Lennie had a commitment to another show, which allowed us to do something super cool, which allowed Morgan to go on a journey after this episode in season 5 to see how he catches up to Rick and the group.”

So there you have it. Would you have liked to have seen Morgan at Terminus or do you prefer the way he ended up meeting up with Rick at Alexandria instead? Weigh in below on the message board and check out The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season when it is released on DVD and the Blu-ray + Digital HD sets on Aug. 23.

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