By Nick Maslow
Updated August 18, 2016 at 12:42 PM EDT
Credit: Comedy Central

Larry Wilmore on Wednesday welcomed Lewis Black to The Nightly Show, making the episode a reunion of sorts for the former Daily Show contributors.

“Even though I have zero f—s to give at this point, I’ve got plenty of booze to give,” Wilmore told Black and the rest of their panel, motioning to mini-liquor bottles he received as a gift from CBS’ Late Show With Stephen Colbert after Comedy Central canceled Wilmore’s show this week.

“Are they taking resumes?” quipped Black, drawing laughs and helping Wilmore making light of the news.

Then Wilmore got serious with Black, who was a staple of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart when Wilmore was the “Senior Black Correspondent.”

“Lewis, I’m so glad you’re here, by the way,” said Wilmore. “I couldn’t think of anybody else I would rather have on our second-to-last show than Lewis Black.”

“It’s an honor to be here,” said Black. “No, seriously. I was here at the beginning and the end.”

“Yes, you helped start us off,” replied Wilmore, who went on to ask for Black’s take on the controversial presidential election.

“At some point, it has to stop,” said Black. “It’s over and over and over and over…. We would be better off as a people if they just covered it and they went, ‘Okay, here’s Donald Trump,’ and you had a duck that was quacking.”

After making quacking noises, Black added: “And then, here’s Hillary, and you get a little chihuahua.”

As Black barked, the audience clapped and Wilmore said he agreed.

Watch the rest of the segment in the video below.

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