By Nina Terrero
August 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Bent on expanding their online gaming company in the third season of AMC’s riveting ’80s-set drama, Kerry Bishé and Mackenzie Davis’ founder characters are set to pull off the unexpected with their extraordinary savvy. So does their know-how stack up once the cameras stop rolling? “I can’t type,” admits Davis, who, along with Bishé, fesses up to online vices, drunk dialing, and attempting to ford the river successfully.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s your first computer memory?

KERRY BISHÉ: It was the beige box with the floppy disc and you could play Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? and Oregon Trail. My brother and I would fight over it!

MACKENZIE DAVIS: I had a yellow Mac when I was 13 — I’d have the computer voice read out the obscene things I wrote.

Any guilty tech habits? We all have ’em…

BISHÉ: I haven’t owned a TV since I lived in my parents’ house because I have no willpower. I’ll watch an entire season in a weekend and will feel as dirty as if I didn’t shower and only ate garbage food.

DAVIS: I have an embarrassing impulse to just move icons around on my phone.

Were you an ’80s gaming type of kid?

BISHÉ: I’m pretty good at Space Invaders.

DAVIS: I used Mario Teaches Typing, but I cheated, so I never learned to type!

What’s your cell-phone track record?

BISHÉ: I got my first cell phone in college and my friends and I turned drunk dialing into a game. We had to stop after we called our professor in the middle of the night.

DAVIS: My first phone was a Nokia when I was 15 or 16. I wanted it for emergencies, but I just played Snake.

What’s your favorite app?

BISHÉ: Rex. It’s for recommendations for anything and everything. It’s just the greatest.

DAVIS: Figure 1. It’s like a medical Instagram. It’s my favorite f—ing thing.

Which emoji are you guilty of overusing?

BISHÉ: It’s the [smiley face with the] half grin. It’s like a straight line, except it’s curved on one side so it’s like this half smile, this smug half smile.

DAVIS: I really like the one with downcast eyes and sheepish smile. It’s like an ‘I’m pleased with myself,’ kind of look.

Are you swept up in Pokémon Go fever?

BISHÉ: I don’t even know what that is.

DAVIS: It seems very dangerous. Like, dying dangerous.

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