'Anybody's You' was filmed before Grimmie's death in June

By Evan Slead
Updated August 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

A music video for Christina Grimmie’s song “Anybody’s You” was released Thursday, marking the second installment in the late singer’s Ballad of Jessica Blue.

The series of music videos, which were filmed before Grimmie‘s death, feature the four songs from her EP, Side A, which was released in February.

The first video, for her song “Snow White,” was released last week and introduced Grimmie’s titular character, Jessica Blue, who turns to her friends for advice about her relationship and her art. In the new “Anybody’s You” video, Grimmie’s character follows her boyfriend into a building because she suspects he’s with another woman. She sings, “What if there’s someone that makes me happy / Someone that I already know / What if that anybody’s you?”

The remaining videos, for the songs “Deception” and “Without Him,” are scheduled to be released on Aug. 25 and Sept. 1.

Grimmie, who first broke out as a third-place finisher on The Voice in 2014, was shot and killed by a fan at a concert in Orlando in June.