Just over three years after its launch, cable/satellite network Pivot is set to shut down.

On Wednesday, Participant Media, which owns and operates Pivot, announced plans to end the network’s run. Pivot hit the air in August 2013 with the hope of appealing to the millennial generation, but after failing to find an audience, the network will go dark by the end of the year.

“As the media landscape changes, we have been evaluating how we fulfill our mission to entertain and inspire social action around the world’s most pressing issues,” said David Linde, CEO of Participant Media, in a statement. “That process has led us to the decision to move away from owning and operating a cable network. While this conclusion was not an easy one, it is ultimately in the best interest of all our stakeholders, and allows us to allocate more resources toward the production of compelling content across all platforms.”

Participant Media has found much greater success in film, where the company has been involved with such projects as the Steven Spielberg-directed and Tom Hanks-starring Bridge of Spies, the 2016 Best Picture Oscar winner Spotlight, and the upcoming Deepwater Horizon about the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico starring Mark Wahlberg.

The most notable shows on Pivot, which replaced Documentary Channel, were HitRecord, a variety series starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Fortitude, a critically successful British show set in Arctic Norway.