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Louis has a date! 

In tonight’s Suits, Louis’ (Rick Hoffman) plan to spend time with architect Tara (Carly Pope) by having her redesign a house in the Hamptons he just bought fails, and he’s forced to admit that the house hasn’t been in her family the entire time. However, Tara finds the gesture — the fact that he spent so much money just to spend time with her — romantic and agrees to go on a date with him. EW caught up with Hoffman to talk about what their first date looks like and how the relationship develops. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, do we actually see Louis and Tara’s date? 

RICK HOFFMAN: The answer to that is yes. After Louis gets caught in this lie about the house, he ends up just completely stripping himself down and just being blatantly honest and letting her know why he did what he did, and that earns him the date. You definitely get to see at least the start of the journey of a potential Louis and Tara relationship. What that brings, we don’t know exactly. It’s one of those things where, let’s just put it this way: In most relationships, nothing comes easy — especially for Louis. I’m sure you can imagine. 

What does Louis taking Tara on a date look like? 

It’s definitely not mudding and it’s definitely not to a cat museum. I think people would be pleasantly surprised of this dynamic between the two of them. It’s very, very different than the Louis and Sheila [Rachael Harris] dynamic. 

Can we assume it’ll be successful? 

I can say that the date won’t be a boring viewing experience. 

How is their dynamic different? 

Just as far as it not being about coconut oil and, like, duct tape and ski masks and Louis getting slapped in the face in some kind of S&M type of way. It’s a much a different dynamic that I think people will be equally as entertained by. 

What does the beginning of their relationship look like?

You know how you hear stories [about] what makes a couple successful, and they say when you love or are in love with the person’s imperfections that’s a good sign? I think they learn about each other’s imperfections and I think that makes their relationship deeper. Whether it becomes a successful one or not, that’s up in the air. But, as Louis learns more about her and some of these imperfections, I think it makes for a very interesting relationship. 

Are there any of Louis’ imperfections that she doesn’t immediately take to? 

Well, she definitely didn’t take to him lying about the house. You can’t get much more Louis-y ridiculous than that. So once that cat’s out of the bag, it leaves him to be, as we find out in this episode, very honest and that starts to become the consistent heart line between Louis and Tara. There’s an honesty, an openness that I think a lot of people would love to have in their relationships. 

Donna is a big part of Louis’ life. Will we get to see Donna meet Tara? 

You know what’s funny? Donna and Louis’ characters talk about her so much that it’s almost like I’m hallucinating the fact that Donna has actually met Tara. But, no, she has not physically met Tara. She almost does [in this episode]. 

What do you think Donna and Tara’s rapport would be like? 

I think it would be really cool, similar to how Donna became instant friends with Louis’ sister [Amy Acker] last year. But, who doesn’t get along with Donna? I would have to say that’s one hell of a litmus test. If this relationship were to ever work with Tara, she better get along with Donna. 

Moving on from his dating life for a second, one of the things I’ve enjoyed this season is seeing Louis and Harvey on the same page for once. How’s it been to play that side of their relationship? 

For me, as someone who likes harmony much more than I think Louis does, it’s nice to see Louis and Harvey sort of come to a peaceful plane. They’re both on the same page working together when Harvey does let Louis in, and he will eventually let Louis in to do his part in helping Mike. Their relationship evolves and that’s always, as an actor playing a role where you see your character evolve with somebody, a nice thing to experience. And, especially with the six of us, we’ve evolved as people working together as well, which is nice. 

Harvey turned to Louis for help with the suspension last week. Will he become even more involved in that case going forward?

I would say Louis does have his part in this, but right now there’s so much going on. All I can tell you is that the writers have a cool way of bringing all of the main characters together to somehow sort of have their part in the main storyline. Yes, he does to a different degree get involved, but we’re not going to reveal what it is exactly. 

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA. 

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