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One of the biggest shockers coming out of Pretty Little Liars‘ seventh season has been the reveal that Charlotte was not Mary Drake’s only child. Rather, Mary gave birth to another child – son or daughter, we’re not sure – during her time in Radley, and naturally, said child would now be about the same age as the Liars. And with only two episodes left in the PLL summer season, almost anyone could be the secret child.

Although PLL showrunner Marlene King says that the identity of the child will remain a mystery going into the second half of season 7, she did give a major hint about the person’s identity. When asked if the child is someone we already know in the show, King tells EW, “That’s a tricky, tricky question, and the answer is yes.”

According to King, many fans are hot on the trail of the big reveal. “Some people are coming close to figuring it out, which is good,” King says. “As we get into these next 10 episodes we’ve been trying to give enough information where we can’t confirm or deny it but fans can figure it out. There are definitely dots to connect to get to the end.”

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