By Nick Maslow
Updated August 17, 2016 at 12:35 PM EDT
Comedy Central

Larry Wilmore signs off from behind the desk of The Nightly Show on Thursday — and thanks to Samantha Bee, he’s got plenty of wine to throw a farewell party.

On Tuesday night’s show, Wilmore expressed his gratitude for the gift while also addressing Comedy Central’s decision to cancel his program.

“Welcome to the show. I’m Larry Wilmore, or at least I am for the next three nights,” he said. “After that, who knows.”

The host continued: “Oh, man. We had so many plans for tonight. We were going to write this big, fun show, right? But you know, kind of due to the general ennui of just being canceled, general laziness, and the fact that Sam Bee sent us, like, three cases of wine… I have already started drinking, so you may seen me full frontal out on the street later.”

He finished the speech with a toast of sorts, sipping the wine while thanking Bee. “Thank you, Sam and to everybody at Full Frontal. Really appreciate it,” he said, pausing to take a gulp from a large glass. “Mmm, that’s a basic cable wine. It is. Some of the best.”

Earlier in the day, Wilmore provided proof of the gift in an Instagram snap showing him whipping out the bottles. Half the post featured a note from Bee’s team, which reads, “In honor of all your great work! We love you!”

Wilmore and Bee go way back, having both been correspondents on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart before Wilmore landed a spin-off program and Bee kicked off Full Frontal on TBS.

See the Instagram and watch Wilmore’s segment below.

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