Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

The video game world of Final Fantasy is getting another run on the big screen with Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, which opens in limited release on Friday. A spin-off of the upcoming Square Enix game, the film teases what fans can expect when Final Fantasy XV is released in November.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime fan of the series, here are five things to know about the film:

1. The lead actors hail from Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones stars Sean Bean and Lena Headey play the leads in the story. In a fictional version of Earth, called Eos, King Regis of Lucis (Bean) is forced to defend his city from the evil empire Niflheim by marrying off his son Prince Noctis to the empire’s captive Princess Luna of Tenebrae (Headey). Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul plays Nyx, an elite soldier from the king’s force, which is called the Kingsglaive. Not only does he possess the skills of a trained warrior, but he also can yield the magic of his king.

Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

2. The film’s story parallels the game’s

The Final Fantasy XV video game focuses on Prince Noctis, the king’s son who must wed Luna, as he embarks on his journey with his friends to find the princess. The film proves to be an early look into the game’s world, providing additional backstory and character motivations. “Not every fan has a console and we had a story we really wanted to tell,” director Takeshi Nozue told Fandom during Comic-Con 2016. “By making a film we could get it out to the most people.”

3. A Square Enix icon composed the music for both the film and game

Yoko Shimomura, who composed for the Kingdom Hearts franchise and Legend of Mana, scored both the film and game. She is known for her impeccable attention to thematic detail in her music, composing music that reflects the characters’ personalities and the story’s plot revelations. Listen to the main theme below, titled “Somnus Orchestra.”

4. 50 companies worked on the animation

The animation team behind the Final Fantasy VII spin-off film, Advent Children, the previsualization house The Third Floor, and Western movie production Imagine Engine (which worked on Jurassic World and Game of Thrones) are just a few of the companies that contributed to the film’s stunning visuals. The acting performances were filmed using motion-capture technology.

5. Here’s how to see it

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV opens in major cities, including Los Angeles and New York, on Friday. The Blu-ray and DVD release of the film will hit shelves on Oct. 4. Watch the trailer below.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
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