By Madeline Raynor
August 17, 2016 at 05:15 PM EDT
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Dream Too Much

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Evanescence‘s Amy Lee is dropping a new album that’s a far cry from the band’s goth metal that filled your iPod in high school.

The singer’s new project is a children’s album titled Dream Too Much, inspired by her 2-year-old son. Lee will lend her mellifluous voice to original songs as well as classic kids’ songs like “Rubber Duckie.” Lee collaborated with her family for the record: The band includes her dad and uncle, and her sisters sing backup.

Lee has released the title track, and her vocals sound much the same as they do on Evanescence hits like “My Immortal,” but this time, there are happy lyrics instead of emo ones. Although the album is aimed at kids, the track is appealing to adults too — it’s like a mini Evanescence revival.

See the track list below. Rolling Stone originally reported the news. 

1. “Stand by Me”
2. “Dream Too Much”
3. “Bee and Duck”
4. “I’m Not Tired”
5. “Little Bird”
6. “Alice”
7. “Rubber Duckie”
8. “Hello, Goodbye”
9. “Donkey and Chicken”
10. “The End of the Book”
11. “If You’re a Star”
12. “Goodnight My Love”

Dream Too Much

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