Plus: The pair tease a major plot thread for season 3
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Every week, Another Period creators and stars Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome, who play spoiled socialite sisters Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt, take viewers behind the scenes and share insight into how they crafted each episode. Below, their thoughts on the tenth episode of the comedy’s second season, “The Duel.”

After episode 9’s dramatic cliffhanger, episode 10 begins with Lillian desperately screaming for someone to revive Laverne, but to no avail, even when Hortense tries her best. The wedding turns into an all-out disaster for Lillian, however, when Hortense and Bertram decide to get married instead, taking Lillian’s wedding foofaraw — except for the dress — and decked-out ride with them. Shooting the scene, Leggero says, was easier than she anticipated.

NATASHA LEGGERO: We were supposed to shoot outside, but there was so much to shoot and weather issues, so the night before, we changed locations. We really didn’t have that many extras [to deal with either]. That’s the beauty of working with such talented directors of photography and directors! Also, I’m always best on my first take!

Meanwhile, Beatrice has turned 100 percent pious at the abbey, where she flagellates herself to get into heaven — you know, “just in case.”

RIKI LINDHOME: The whip that I had was actually really soft. It was specifically made as a prop so I couldn’t get injured. The idea came from the fact that Beatrice loves violence and pain so it seemed like an aspect of the church she would be attracted to.

Back at the manor, the servants have been facing torture of their own, but what else is new? Blanche is almost ready to have her baby, but has to fend off Victor and Albert from stealing it. Garfield and Flobelle (and Garfield’s huge crush on Flobelle) have to dump the Bellacourts’ garbage over the cliff — the family clearly hates lettuce — but get interrupted by Hamish, who winds up revealing that he does have a heart.

LEGGERO AND LINDHOME: That scene [between Blanche and the men] was just a fun scene and not needed for story, but those guys are just so funny that we kept adding to it. We ended up keeping most of it in the show. [As for the Garfield/Flobelle/Hamish scene, in which Hamish seems to redeem himself], it’s a hint of things to come in season 3.

Credit: Comedy Central

But Beatrice wasn’t the only one getting hurt at the abbey; Dodo gets served with divorce papers, and in an improvised reaction, actress Paget Brewster summed up the plot twist with the line, “S— on my tits!” To deal with this unfortunate turn of events, Dodo returns to the manor to confront Chair and the Commodore, much to Peepers’ delight. They argue over what Dodo’s allowed to keep from the Commodore’s estate, and Dodo simply asks for the abbey, but when Chair refuses her even her one sanctuary, Dodo and Chair decide to duel, complete with swords and somersaults across the living room.

LEGGERO AND LINDHOME: Shooting a fight scene is always really fun. Both women were so naturally great at fencing and then having [actor] Tom Lennon improvising the names of their moves like it was a tennis match just made it even better.

Still, this isn’t the end of the Bellacourts’ adventures this season. Though season 2 initially included only 10 episodes, Leggero and Lindhome decided to add one more — making next week’s installment the season finale.

LEGGERO AND LINDHOME: We shot so much good stuff for our season finale and when we started to edit it, we realized that we had enough to make it a two-part episode. When we showed the rough cuts to Comedy Central, they were excited and agreed.

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