'Just call me Mrs. Efron already,' the Olympic gold medalist tweeted

Credit: AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell; Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

The budding friendship between Team USA Olympian Simone Biles and actor Zac Efron has reached a climactic moment: they’ve met … and it was worth the wait.

The pair have been tweeting back and forth ever since news came out that Biles has had a long-time crush on the Neighbors actor, even revealing she has a cardboard cut-out of him in her room, which she says she “used to kiss on the cheek.” After wishing her good luck in the Rio Olympics via Twitter, Efron continued his support through the games, even sending a photo of himself posing in front of a photo of Biles.

The excitement has reached new heights as seen through Instagram and Twitter posts Tuesday of the two. Biles shared on Twitter several photos and videos, including one where the actor turned the tables, sneaking in a sweet kiss on the gymnast’s cheek.

She then felt the love even more, sharing another adorable photo of Efron leaning in for another kiss. “Just call me Mrs. Efron already,” the gold medal winner captioned.

See the rest of the photos below.