Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images; Ray Tamarra/GC Images; Gary Miller/Getty Images

Cinephiles have been tweeting up a storm recently, sharing their favorite movies on Twitter with the hashtag #fav7films, and celebrities have been getting in on the fun, too.

Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, and Josh Gad are among those who have posted lists that include everything from foreign dramas to romantic comedies, musicals, and other beloved classics.

The Big Short director Adam McKay said he couldn’t resist taking part, listing The Sound of Music and La Dolce Vita among his favorites.

Schumer included The Royal Tenenbaums and The Big Lebowski among her favorites, while True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello apparently loves David Fincher and Star Wars — both Se7en and Fight Club made his list, along with The Empire Strikes Back.

And Mindy Kaling, who has never been shy about her love for romantic comedies, included Bridget Jones’ Diary on her list alongside Sense & Sensibility and No Country For Old Men.

Check more celebrities’ #fav7films entries below.