The massive reissue will house 29 brand new tracks

By Madeline Raynor
Updated August 15, 2016 at 04:58 PM EDT
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Fans of Big Star are getting a cosmically huge reissue of the band’s 1978 album Third, due out Oct. 14.

Third was recorded in 1974 but wasn’t released until four years later. The 3-CD reissue will include every recording from the album, demos, and alternate versions, and will list tracks be in order, from demos to final masters.

The new release from Omnivore Recordings will house a whopping 69 tracks, 29 of which are previously unheard. Third‘s reissue will also come with extensive liner notes and previously unseen photos. See the full track list and album trailer are below.

Vol. 1: Demos To Sessions To Roughs

1. Like St. Joan (Kanga Roo)* (Demo)

2. Lovely Day (Demo)

3. Downs (Demo)

4. Femme Fatale (Demo)

5. Thank You Friends (Demo)

6. Holocaust (Demo)

7. Jesus Christ (Demo)

8. Blue Moon (Demo)

9. Nightime (Demo)

10. Take Care (Demo)

11. Big Black Car (Demo #2/Acoustic Take 1)

12. Don’t Worry Baby

13. I’m In Love With A Girl*

14. Big Black Car (Demo #3/Acoustic Take 2)

15. I’m So Tired* – Alex & Lesa

16. That’s All It Took* – Alex & Lesa

17. Pre-Downs*

18. Baby Strange*

19. Big Black Car (Demo #1/Band)

20. Kizza Me* (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal)

21. Till the End Of the Day* (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal, Kept As Final Vocal)

22. Thank You Friends* (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal)

23. O, Dana* (Dickinson Rough Mix)

24. Dream Lover* (Dickinson Rough Mix)

Vol. 2: Roughs To Mixes

1. Big Black Car* (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal)

2. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On* (Dickinson Rough Mix)

3. Take Care* (Dickinson Rough Mix)

4. Holocaust* (Dickinson Rough Mix)

5. Nightime* (Dickinson Rough Mix)

6. Thank You Friends* (Dickinson Rough Mix)

7. Nature Boy* (Dickinson Rough Mix)

8. After Hours* – Lesa

9. Stroke It Noel (Backwards Intro)

10. Lovely Day* (Fry Rough Mix)

11. Nightime* (Fry Rough Mix)

12. Blue Moon* (Fry Rough Mix)

13. Till The End Of The Day (Alternate Mix #1)

14. Big Black Car (Fry Rough Mix)

15. Holocaust (Fry Alternate/Rough Mix)

16. Downs* (Fry Rough Mix)

17. Kanga Roo (Fry Rough Mix)

18. Femme Fatale* (Fry Rough Mix)

19. For You* (Alternate Version/Alex Vocal)

20. Thank You Friends * (Fry Rough Mix)

21. Take Care* (Alternate Version/Alex Vocal)

22. Kizza Me* (Fry Rough Mix)

23. Till the End Of the Day (FRY Rough Mix #2) – Lesa

24. Nature Boy (Fry Rough Mix)

25. Mañana

Vol. 3: Final Masters

1. Stroke It Noel

2. Downs

3. Femme Fatale

4. Thank You Friends

5. Holocaust

6. Jesus Christ

7. Blue Moon

8. Kizza Me

9. For You

10. O, Dana

11. Nightime

12. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

13. Kanga Roo

14. Take Care

15. Big Black Car

16. Dream Lover

17. You Can’t Have Me

18. Till the End Of the Day

19. Lovely Day

20. Nature Boy

* Previously unissued

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