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By Nina Terrero
August 14, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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WARNING: This story contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode of Power.

With a record number of viewers tuning in to Power get their dose of head-spinning drama, it’s safe to say that fans across the country were left aghast Sunday night to see something totally unexpected happen: Tommy (Joseph Sikora) killed his pregnant girlfriend Holly (Lucy Walters) in a fit of violent rage. Sure, plenty of other action occurred – Ghost (Omari Hardwick) was nearly murdered and the Lobos case effectively ended – but Holly’s murder was the standout moment, living up to creator and showrunner Courtney A. Kemp’s promise to “pump more octane” into the show’s third season. Here, Sikora – who’s played Tommy since the show’s premiere – breaks down what it was like to film the emotional scene, and spills on what’s ahead for his relationship with his on-again, off-again BFF Ghost.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When and how did you find out that your character would kill Holly?

JOSEPH SIKORA: Courtney has always told us that this is the world that you live in – your life is not a guarantee. You’re always prepared, at least in some capacity, that something crazy could happen at any time. Storywise, somebody had to do it – I just didn’t realize it was gonna be me. I knew a little bit before Lucy did, and I have to say, I’ve never, ever seen any actor in all of my 25 years of acting, be as gracious with a death scene as Lucy. She gave 110 percent in every single take. The hardest day of work of my life was that day, because we’ve become very close friends. It was very difficult.

What did you do to prepare for the scene?

I reread Of Mice and Men because the death really reminded me of when Lenny kills the girl at the end just by trying to keep her quiet. It’s almost the same lines, where he’s just like, you know, “Shush, don’t talk now. Be quiet now.” Tommy basically says that to Holly, but in a much more forceful way – “Just shut up, just shut up.” 

What was the atmosphere like on set between takes of that scene?

Between the takes when Holly is actually dead and between the takes of me actually doing the act, Lucy and I didn’t speak much. We kind of just held each other, just as two people who really respect each other. She just laid there in my lap, between takes, until it was time to go for another take. It was really emotional. And it allowed us to keep the connection between us take after take. 

Do you think Tommy was justified in his actions?

Murder is never justifiable. Tommy is a very, very dangerous person who reacts sometimes. He leaps and then he looks. That’s been one of his strengths, and it’s also one of his downfalls. One thing I really liked that Courtney did with the scene was that after the choking starts, Holly knees Tommy in the groin. It made you think, ‘Okay, she’s safe.’ And then she’s not. I think it played out really well.

Will Tommy will ever found out that Holly was pregnant?

I think if everybody knows what’s good for them, Tommy will never found out. However, if Tommy does find out, it would have to be through somebody’s ignorance, thinking possibly that he already knew. If there’s any legal reactions to the crime, then it could be revealed at that point too.

It’s pretty obvious that Tommy’s relationship issues stem partly from his mother. Is that something Tommy will ever realize for himself?

I think Tommy will end up realizing a lot of things this season. You know, it’s the forest or the trees with Tommy a lot of the time. It’s gonna take him getting out of that situation so he can look from the outside in at times to really see things from that perspective. It took him getting so far away from Ghost to actually get a deep understanding of why he’s not able to kill him, that blood is thicker than water. That well runs deep. 

Will we see another love interest for Tommy this season?

I would say there’s no replacing Holly. I think this will, should, and has destroyed him in a lot of ways. I think what’s even more interesting than a love interest is how Tommy’s going to cope with the loss of his love.

Ghost and Tommy agreed to kill Lobos. Will they take immediate action?

This in itself is a monumental task. Ghost has now tried twice to kill Lobos, unsuccessfully. Is he gonna be able to do it with Tommy’s help? Are they gonna have to seek out help from somebody else, who people thought may or may not be dead? How are they gonna get this done? Lobos is a force to be reckoned with. And what are the repercussions for killing Lobos? What happens then? 

Will Tommy and Ghost’s friendship ever return to what it once was?

I don’t think it will be fully repaired. However, I think their relationship is like clay. It can be molded into something else. The lesson we’ve learned from this television show is that when you pursue power, you fail, but when you pursue love, you win. There’s a mutual love and understanding between these two brothers, which is what makes Power unique. It’s the only show on television that you see that kind of relationship. I think something will evolve, something will emerge. They’re at a point where it’s a level playing field, and we’ll see what grows from the soil of their bond.

With Ghost having drawn up separation papers, do you think that he and Angela might make it?

I think Angela and Ghost are lying to themselves about what they want. They are on parallel paths, but they’re not on the same path. At this point in their relationship, they’re fooling each other. However, they’re now free to pursue that relationship. 

What’s ahead for your character? What can you say about Tommy’s evolution in the episodes ahead?

We’re going to see a full transformation in Tommy. We’re gonna see him forcing himself to a place where he’s going to feel the need to have whoever killed the love of his life pay for it. But that’s him, so how is he going to pay for it? And that journey is going to inform us of the man that Tommy will become. 

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