Subway commuters are used to all manner of spectacles, but a select few were surprised to see actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt rocking out on a drum set in the middle of a train platform recently.

The Snowden star posted video of the moment online for his production company HitRecord. In the clip, Gordon-Levitt is shown pulling out a red mat in the shape of the HitRecord logo and drumming away as passersby continue their daily commute.

“I played the drums (in a subway) for our ‘Everyday, Spectacular’ project,” he wrote in the video’s caption. “Now, where are all you musicians gonna play your instruments?”

Gordon-Levitt is referring to an artistic initiative from HitRecord and LG that prompts his online community to create “a piece of art that captures those unmissable, spectacular moments that happen every day.” The challenge reads, “Musicians, Vocalists, Performers – Go outside to an everyday location and make it spectacular by dressing up and playing your parts to [Jeff Peff’s] music while FILMING YOURSELF!”

Find more information on HitRecord here, and see the video above.