Credit: BBC Radio 1

Looks like all that time spent playing the sassy and dementedly jolly Harley Quinn really got to Margot Robbie.

The Aussie actress and her Suicide Squad costar Will Smith went on BBC Radio 1 to promote the new movie and went head-to-head for a little game of Playground Insults while they were there. Taking turns making fun of the other, Robbie wasted no time going after Smith, saying his ears were big enough to be antennas that could pick up wifi from her mother’s house in Australia.

As Smith was about to respond, Robbie knew where he was going.

“Don’t talk about my mom!” she says.

“This is the problem — we know too much about each other,” he continues, pointing out the decor on her wardrobe for his first insult. “Or, you could use your Finding Dory pins on your sweater to contact your mom through underwater telepathic ways.”

“You just want to say something inappropriate about my mom, I know you do,” she follows up.

While Smith was the consummate gentleman, finding it difficult to insult his costar, Robbie didn’t hold back, spewing out one barb after the other, commenting on his age and more jabs about his looks, saying he was the “worst-looking cast member in I Am Legend.

“The only reason that you’re saying that is ’cause you know I slept with your mother,” Smith retorts, finally landing the punch he was looking for.

But Robbie wasn’t done. “She didn’t even bother to call you back. She thought your name was Big Willie, but…turns out…she felt so mislead by that nickname.”

See the two laugh through their Playground Insults in the video above. Suicide Squad hit theaters last weekend, breaking August opening records.

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