Baz Luhrmann's hip-hop drama for Netflix would likely head to the early '80s for a second season
Credit: Netflix

The Get Down, Baz Luhrmann’s highly anticipated hip-hop drama and first foray into television, has just premiered its first six episodes on Netflix (the second half will debut in 2017). The streaming service hasn’t officially greenlit a second season yet but producers already have discussed what the future of Down would look like.

“We probably would jump into the early ’80s,” says supervising producer/writer Nelson George, who actually worked at Billboard during that time period. “I was there during the beginnings of Run-D.M.C. I was there for Prince and Michael Jackson. I think there is a hell of a story. And also quite honestly the era of crack which began you know around ’85. So I think if you look at Books [Justice Smith] and you look at Shaolin [Shameik Moore] and their trajectory, there is some amazing stuff we could do with them. And then what happens to Mylene [Herizen Guardiola], you know, once disco collapses? So I think there is another really good season in this.”

One pivotal person who may not be up for second installment of Down? Luhrmann himself. The production of Down has been incredibly challenging and long, and Luhrmann admits he may want to dial back his involvement… maybe. “I’m looking for a younger spritely fellow who is capable of carrying the torch,” says the Moulin Rouge director. But he adds, “As much as I want to walk away from it and just say I’ve done my bit, there’s something in me that says I just can’t do that to that to [the cast and crew]. I have to be there to the bitter end until I feel I’ve done everything I can to let them be everything they can be in the show. And then my job’s done. But until then, it’s my life at the moment.”

The Get Down is now available to stream on Netflix.

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