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It’s almost time for Quantico’s second season! Please tell me: Are Ryan and Alex making it as a couple? — Gin

The first season finale ended with Alex making a call — not to Ryan, but to join the CIA. Even so, Ralex shippers shouldn’t worry: The on-again, off-again couple will be together at the start of season 2, showrunner Josh Safran promises. “The first time you see her, you see them together,” he says. “Alex and Ryan are dating.” Still, this being Quantico, Alex’s life has to get turned upside down, and Safran warns that life isn’t perfect for the pair just yet. “Something goes terribly wrong between Alex and Ryan within the first 45 seconds of the premiere,” he teases. So… any guesses on what that something could be?

Anything Wes on How to Get Away with Murder? — Luisa

Answers are coming as to the death of his dad — and soon! “The instant aftermath is Wes is standing there in his father’s blood,” EP Pete Nowalk says. “We will answer a very important question right when we pick up in the show and then we will move past it. I think the question is what happens in the immediate aftermath of Wes telling this man, ‘I think I’m your son,’ and him getting shot while the man is on the phone? It’s basically what will happen to Wes in those instant moments and there might be some reveal within that.”

What can you tell us about Steroline in season 8 of The Vampire Diaries? Are they going to be happy and what is in store for them? Thanks. — Cameliamane

Well, it’s certainly not an easy restart to the relationship since Stefan has other things on his mind. But Caroline also has a big year ahead. “Caroline is trying, in her wonderfully Caroline way, to be all things to all people,” EP Julie Plec says. “She’s trying to be the perfect mother, the perfect baby mama to her recently parted fiancé, she has a new job, she’s back in Mystic Falls. She’s working at the local news station in Mystic Falls as a behind the scenes journalist this time. She’s also trying to juggle a very important relationship to Stefan against the crisis of the moment, which is that Stefan’s brother is MIA. She’s multi-tasking in her own fierce, fabulous way. Lots big shifts and moves coming up for her this year.”

Is there any hope for Jane and Weller on Blindspot? — Marta

TruSt is a very big issue this season, so don’t expect Weller to Just let Jane back into the inner circle, even if she hAs spent the last three months being tortured. “There’s a lot of bad water under that bridge,” Sullivan Stapleton says. “That’s a huge betrayal. He unfortunately thought he might’ve found the child that went mIssing for 25 years, so to have that closeness betrayed, that’s hard.”

Something, anything Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., please? — Elexis

We’re definitely going to be seeing some Daisy-Ghost Rider interaction, but that doesn’t mean they’re friends. “Not sure they like each other. Not very happy interactions,” Chloe Bennet tells me, quickly ruling out Robbie Reyes being a potential Daisy love interest — for now. “They have similar backgrounds. They’re both probably misunderstood, but none of that. She’s really hurting. She’s in a lot of pain. The only thing she wants is to have nothing to lose.”

Anything you can tease about Jake and Holt in witness protection on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? — Kyla

You know Jake won’t go quietly into the night. In fact, I hear he’ll likely be trying to solve crimes while in witness protection. “[It’s] classic Jake pretending like he’s cool with it, but a little antsy in his heart, a little restless,” Andy Samberg tells me. “Holt obviously wants to stick to protocol and Jake is jumpy.”

Is there anything you can tease about the identity of Joe’s father on Man in the High Castle? — Sally

Because Joe is meeting his father for the first time, it’s safe to say that their relationship will be fraught no matter who he is. “He’s a very powerful man in the Nazi Reich and you will come to find out how powerful he is — not to say he’s Hitler, because he’s not,” Luke Kleintank tells me. “But they’re discovering each other. Via that, he’s discovering the Nazi empire even more and the decisions he has to make with that. Either he decides to stay or he can go. He has a lot of animosity toward his father. He really wants to give it to him, but he starts to realize the truths behind why he never knew his father.”

Any fun castings for Chicago P.D. this year? — Graham

It’s still in very early stages, but there’s a good chance that we’ll meet Lindsay’s father this year. “We’ve had great success with her mom, who’s a handful,” EP Matt Olmstead says. “Who’s her dad? When do we see her dad? What does her dad mean to her? What would the complications be? So on the horizon there looms Lindsay’s dad.”

Who’s the new villain on Supergirl in season 2? — Li

To start, it’s Project Cadmus, the mysterious organization that’s apparently been holding Jeremiah Danvers hostage — a second big bad will emerge later in the year. “[Project Cadmus is] dedicated to eradicating alien life on Earth,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “They’re fanatics. They’re true believers. It’s a collection of scientists, of very bright, patriotic people who truly believe what they’re saying. That makes them even more dangerous.”

How will Cath come back on Hawaii Five-0? — Karen

Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t think it’ll be good news for fans of Catherine and McGarrett when Michelle Borth returns in the 150th episode. “People are interpreting it like her coming back into the relationship and starting all over again, but I just don’t think that can happen after all that these two have gone through,” EP Peter Lenkov says. “Her relation to the story is more plot driven than reigniting that relationship.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: A FlashSupergirl musical crossover is basically a dream come true.

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Additional reporting by Shirley Li.

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