Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

The new season of Drunk History this fall includes a real blockbuster — an episode all about Alexander Hamilton, narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. Miranda’s Broadway musical about the first U.S. treasury secretary has won all kinds of acclaim (including several Tony Awards) for its musical blend of show tunes with hip-hop, and its non-traditional casting of the Founding Fathers. The Hamilton episode of Drunk History continues that latter trend by casting female comedians Alia Shawkat and Aubrey Plaza as Hamilton and his nemesis, Aaron Burr.

Fans who have memorized the Hamilton cast soundtrack will be happy to know the episode tells a slightly different story of Hamilton’s history, featuring historical figures like Benjamin Franklin and James Monroe, who didn’t make it into the musical. Miranda is looking forward to it as well. After EW posted a First Look at the episode on Friday, Miranda tweeted a short story about his experience on the episode.

“We filmed my segment on Super Bowl Sunday,” Miranda wrote, adding he drank “3/4 of a bottle of honey whiskey” and “A LOT” of water as he narrated.

Read his tweets below. The Hamilton episode airs Nov. 29.

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