By Lynette Rice
August 12, 2016 at 05:51 PM EDT
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Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events on Big Brother.

That has to have been the quickest HOH competition ever, right?

Yes, it was the quickest ever HOH and maybe most surprising. Corey? Who would’ve thunk it?!

When the houseguests take too long to answer a question, how do you maintain your composure and not exclaim, hurry the eff up? Do you have a panicked producer in your ear?

I give it a beat when they don’t respond quickly to my “I need an answer now,” and just as my panicked producer was telling in my ear to say: “You will be disqualified if I don’t get an answer now,” I was about to make that call on my own and say the exact same thing. Paulie was on thin ice tonight I tell you, THIN ICE!!!!

You said there had been drama right up to the first eviction? What was happening?

Drama-rama before the live show tonight. Paulie and James were going round and round and Paulie was dropping f-bombs like it was going out of fashion. James told Paulie the plan had changed and he was using his power to cancel votes to keep Michelle and bounce Zakiyah. James was trying to be honest and didn’t want to blindside him. Paulie was NOT happy to say the least. But then it was a whole back and forth and Paulie was trying to strong arm James and/or guilt him into going back to the original plan and bounce Michelle. James was nearly convinced and we were all unsure how he was going to vote. This was a case of no good deed goes unpunished.

Corey seems like he can’t make a decision on his own. What do you think of him as a player?

Corey can’t make a decision on his own. I normally love eavesdropping on the strategy sessions and seeing people try to cut deals or beg for safety, but Corey was so lost on what to do. I wish we had a rule tonight that said once you win HOH you have to make your nominations right away on the spot! Get your head in the game, man!

Has Zingbot ever dared to zing you?

Zingbot has not zinged me but I would love it if he did! I am going to ask him to do it. I have a pretty good sense of humor and like to laugh at myself.

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