Exciting news for fans of Marvel’s alliterative young heroes: Kamala Khan and Miles Morales are suiting up for battle in Gazillion’s free-to-play action-RPG Marvel Heroes 2016. Also known as Ms. Marvel and Ultimate Spider-Man, respectively, the teenagers join the fray as Team-Up heroes who fight alongside the 58 playable characters in the game.

Prepare to see double in the exclusive trailer (below) as Kamala teams up with former Ms. Marvel/current Captain Marvel Carol Danvers and Miles fights alongside original Spider-Man Peter Parker, though players will be able to pair them with any of the game’s playable characters to create their own favorite superhero combinations.

“Miles Morales and Kamala Khan are two of the most popular new characters Marvel has created in recent years,” said Ben Gilbert, Sr. Game Designer at Gazillion. “We’re happy to finally have them as Team-Up heroes in Marvel Heroes 2016.”

Miles Morales joined the game in mid-July, and Kamala Khan is available today. Morales was notably the first Spidey of black Hispanic descent, while Khan is the first Muslim character to headline a Marvel series. The teen heroes will join forces later this year in Marvel’s forthcoming comic Champions. Marvel Heroes 2016 is available now for Windows PC and Mac.