Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Leslie Jones, a.k.a. The Queen of Live Tweeting, is in the building!

The Saturday Night Live scene-stealer has finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Early Thursday morning, she shared a short, but excited video of her and her personal stylist Brian McPhatter arriving at the Olympics.

“Oh my god, we’re in Rio! ” she says repeatedly in the clip while McPahtter repeats “We slay” in the background. The video also features Jones’ personal Snapchat filter, which says “Slay all day” underneath her name and a cartoon of her decked out in the American flag. Not surprisingly, Jones was also decked out in patriotic gear, wearing a “USA” shirt and cap and red glasses to match.

NBC invited the Ghostbusters actress to Brazil because of the hilarious Twitter commentary and reaction videos she’s been posting since the Games began. She will serve as a contributor to NBC’s regular coverage. “You guys I’m gonna show y’all everything lmao!! Good and bad!! Hopefully it’s all good! SO EXCITED!! USA!USA!!,” she tweeted earlier this week while packing for her trip.

Check out the arrival clip and more videos from her journey to Brazil below: