'Ray Donovan' renewed for fifth season

By James Hibberd
Updated August 11, 2016 at 08:47 PM EDT
Credit: Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME

Showtime’s Homeland won’t return this fall, but the acclaimed espionage thriller now has a return date.

Homeland will return for a sixth season on Sunday, Jan. 15. Finance drama Billions also now has a second season return date: Sunday, Feb. 19.

In addition, Showtime has renewed Ray Donovan for a fifth season, with production set to begin next year.

Homeland typically airs in the fall, but was pushed to 2017 for its next edition. Showtime has picked up the show for another two seasons beyond next year, presumably carrying Homeland through 2019. The Emmy-winning series also has an official season 6 description: “After she thwarted a terrorist attack in Berlin, season 6 picks up several months later and finds Carrie Mathison (Danes) back on American soil, living in Brooklyn, New York. She has begun working at a foundation whose efforts are to provide aid to Muslims living in the U.S. Season six will tackle the after effects of the U.S. presidential election, with the entire season taking place between election day and the inauguration. It’s a strange, transitional time in the halls of government filled with anxiety and different competing interests, where a very fragile and complex transfer of power takes place between the outgoing president and the incoming president-elect.”

The Billions season 2 description is briefer: “Season two finds the characters vying for control in a changing world that presents an existential threat. For all of them, it’s a choice between evolution and extinction.”