'Pokémon Go to the polls,' Clinton look-alike urges

By Oliver Gettell
August 11, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Nearly one year ago to the day, Hillary Clinton attempted to win over millennials with a tweet asking them to describe their feelings about student loan debt “in 3 emojis or less.”

The awkward attempt to speak the kids’ language memorably backfired, but the Democratic presidential nominee has since returned — in parody form, at least — in a lively new video demonstrating her comprehensive knowledge of today’s dankest memes.

Produced by the online video network Super Deluxe and directed by Mike Diva, Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen 2016 features a look-alike of the former Secretary of State re-enacting such viral sensations as Dat Boi, Damn Daniel, But That’s None of My Business (a.k.a. Tea Lizard), Grumpy Cat, and Doge.

At one point she even encourages voters to “Pokémon Go to the polls!” as did Clinton last month.

Although the video purports to be paid for by the Hillary for America campaign, it has yet to appear on Clinton’s website or social media accounts. Representatives for the campaign did not immediately reply to EW’s request for comment.

Watch the video above.