24-year-old Jamie Grace shocked Adele with her stunning voice
Credit: Mat Hayward/Getty Images

What are the odds that someone in the audience at an Adele concert would have pipes on par with the vocal powerhouse herself? Slim, but that turned out to be the case at one of her recent concerts.

When Adele invited 24-year-old Jamie Grace to the stage to sing a song for her, the “Hello” singer was probably expecting a subpar karaoke version of one of her hits. But Grace surprised Adele and the crowd by delivering a masterful, stirring rendition of Adele’s “Remedy.” Adele immediately began applauding, and then asked Grace to sing another song, prompting her to launch into a gospel take on Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Turns out, Grace is actually a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter. She has two contemporary Christian albums under her belt and her debut single “Hold On” earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Christian Song in 2012.

If only Adele had called one particular audience member to the stage to sing at Tuesday night’s show…

Check out Jamie Grace’s awesome performance below.